Hawaiian Volcanic Organic Fertilizer

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100% Organic

Benefits of ingredients are:

  • Biochar 35%: Remove carbon from the atmosphere. Boosting soil’s fertility. Increase soil’s ability to withstand drought or flooding. Rids soil of heavy metals and other pollutants.

  • Cow manure 20%: is not fermented but sun-dried until dehydrated and ready to be added to our quality fertilizer. Cow manure Slow release fertilizer. Improves soil structure and aeration. Improves micro-organism activity.

  • Spent Coffee ground 15%: Good source of nitrogen. Pest control for snails and slugs.

  • Silicon minerals 20%: Helps retain nutrients in soils. Absorbs into plants cell walls, which results in stronger cells and more resistance to pests and diseases. Silicon on leaves make them shiny and reduces transpiration rate by as much as 30% (more drought tolerance). Releases fixed phosphate from soils so plants can take it. Help fruits and vegetables taste better and last longer. Our silicon minerals are types of alumino-silicate clay.

  • Dolomite 10%: Prevent acid soils. Source of calcium and magnesium.

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2 reviews for Hawaiian Volcanic Organic Fertilizer

  1. KR Freeman

    Used it in my raised beds in my greenhouse. Great results and I make sure I apply more every 5 weeks or so

  2. Guy Singer

    I use it to grow my magic mushrooms. It works like a lucky charm. Unparalleled psychotic influences abound.

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