Organic Top Soil

We have a 25-acre farm located on soil-rich agriculture land. The property was a cattle grazing pasture for 64 years so it is rich in composted cow manure and aged. We have gone down 10.5 feet and there is still rich soil below. We can custom mix it with black cinder to provide the perfect soil mix that drains well. The black cinder breaks up the soil and is a perfect place for the micro-organisms to reside to keep your soil healthy and balanced. Perfect for gardens, raised greenhouse beds, lawns and much more. We even have our Hawaiian Volcanic Organic Fertilizer you can add to make it the best growing media for your vegetables, fruits and herbs. Also great for lawns and flower gardens. Only $50 per 27 cubic feet. Bring your truck by and we will load it for you, or we have delivery service.

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